Placement Process

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Placement Process

Over time our placement process has been refined to make recruitment as simple as possible for students and companies alike. The life cycle of the placement process is:

  • We contact companies about 2 months ahead of the placement schedule.
  • Companies provide us with the necessary data through a Job announcement form.
  • We scrutinize the requirements and then send a formal invitation to the companies.
  • We fix a mutually convenient date and time for the presentation & selection process.
  • We announce the visit along with the details provided by the company in the announcement form to the students.
  • We ask eligible students who are interested in the job to apply for the job a week before the visit.
  • We provide essential details of applicants to the company.
  • The company re-confirms travel plan a week before the allocated visit date.
  • We book a presentation hall and a student volunteer is allocated to take care of the logistics on campus.
  • We announce the list of selected candidates once the company finalizes it.
  • Students sign offer letter and a copy is forwarded to the company.

Some of the salient points of the placement process are:

  • Rooms with LCD projectors and computers are provided for conducting pre-placement talks.
  • Rooms for aptitude tests, group discussions and interviews are also made available.
  • A team of dedicated placement committee volunteers work to ensure simpler logistics and all other related issues regarding campus placements.