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So, [email protected] B. S. A. E. I . We at B. S. Anangpuria Educational Institute identify with the ‘real world’ that lies ahead of you once you walk out of the hallowed gates of the college, will need you to continually reinvent yourself for handling new situations, sometimes new technology, new solutions, new people.

For this, we host an environment for our students, which prepare them to become not only skilled professionals but also well-rounded, compassionate, and high-spirited adults. B. S. Anangpuria Educational Institute campus life is a melting pot of a variety of cultures, regions, ethnicities, flavors, cuisines, sights, and sounds that has already fascinated thousands of students. The list below gives just a hint of various facets of campus life at B. S. Anangpuria Educational Institute. But to truly feel the palpable sense of excitement, to see the convergence of global cultures in motion, and to experience a campus life truly awesome, one has to be here as these feelings cannot be described in words.