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The Hostel


The Institutes provide magnificent hostels offering a comprehensive range of facilities separately for boys and girls. Boys’ hostel is on the campus itself and girls’ accommodation is available in the prime location of Faridabad city. We understand that most of our students are moving away from home for the first time, so we strive to make the transition as smooth as possible by providing comfortable, safe and homely set-up within the hostels. All the rooms have been designed to provide adequate moving space and ample air and light. Each hostel has its own mess providing hygienic and nutritious Indian vegetarian & non-vegetarian meals as per scheduled menu. The hostel residents are expected to adhere to the hostel rules and regulations.



  • Cross-ventilated well-furnished rooms
  • Separate bed, locker and study table for each student.
  • Hygienic and good quality food.
  • Gymnasium and Aerobics room.
  • Audio-Visual room.   
  • Facilities for indoor games like table tennis, carom, chess, and snooker, etc.
  • Round the clock internet facility.
  • A dining hall accommodating 150 students at a time.
  • 100% Power-Backup.
  • Library facility till 8’0 clock in the evening.
  • 24hrs personal vigilant security. 



Boys Hostel (Twin Sharing):
Annual : ₹ 75,000/- (38,000 + 21,000 + 16,000)

For Two Trimester (8 months) : ₹ 59,000/- (38,000 + 21,000)
For any 1 Trimester (4 months): ₹ 40,500/-

Girls Hostel:
Annual : ₹ 70,500/- (31,500 + 22,000 + 17,000)
For Two Trimester (8 months) : ₹ 53,500/- (31,500 + 22,000)
For any 1 Trimester (4 months): ₹ 34,000/-



All the hostellers are bound to abide by Hostel Rules. Erring inmates may be punished, fined or even expelled from the hostel as well as the Institute

  • Residents have to conduct themselves with dignity & decorum and also maintain the socially accepted standards of morality at all the time.
  • To be respectful and courteous towards teaching / non-teaching, supporting staff and colleagues.
  • To always safeguard the property of the institution/hostel otherwise, any damage to hostel property would be repaired at the cost of the erring inmate(s).
  • Respect the freedom and privacy of colleagues and others.
  • Dues, if any, to be cleared within the notified period positively.
  • All hostellers are expected to be in their room by 9.00 pm positively for attendance purpose.
  • Absence from the Institute (classes) for more than 2 days or staying away during the night shall only be allowed with prior written permission obtained from the Director/Principal/Warden duly specifying the purpose.
  • Application duly signed by the Guardian/Parents is required from the absenting themselves from the hostel for more than 3 days.
  • Indulging in any form of ragging, any other act of indiscipline and to cause injury to any person under the guise of initiation, pledging, student celebrations, etc. are strictly prohibited.
  • Involvement in any offense of cognizable nature is strictly prohibited.
  • Possession/consumption of alcoholic beverages, banned drugs (narcotics), smoking and chewing of tobacco and involvement in any form of gambling or anti-social activities are strictly prohibited.
  • Carrying arms, weapons or any other object which can harm/injure anybody and explosive in any form (may it be crackers) or any hazardous chemical/gas, etc. are strictly prohibited.
  • Carrying camera phone, other electronic gadgets with video recording facility, any obscene material/articles/magazines or any explicit stuff related to these are strictly prohibited.
  • Noise pollution of any kind shall not be accepted.
  • Lights and fans must be switched off and water taps must be closed when not in use.
  • Meals provided by the hostel shall be served only in the designated area during the notified time period.
  • Guests are not permitted to use additional electrical appliances other than fluorescent tubes/table lamps.
  • Accompanying any outsider inside the Institute / Hostel premises without prior written permission from the concerned officials [whatsoever the circumstances or reason(s) may be] shall not be acceptable.
  • If the hosteller(s) opts out or is expelled (individually or collectively) from the hostel, may the circumstances be any; the amount deposited will be forfeited.