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The Law library is traditionally considered to be the laboratory of a lawyer. In an attempt to bridge distance and maximise access to law related literature, B.S.A.I.L. is proud of its fully automated e-library that provides extensive access to a range of resources.

The library has a collection of more than 11000 books consisting of standard text-books, reference books, law reporters and 18 national/ international journals/ magazines. The CD-ROMs of Supreme Court Judgments from 1950 to 2013 and latest complete digital judgements (online) and various High Courts judgements have been procured and added to the library collection, which are being used by the students and faculty

The library also has standard Indian Law Reports like, All India Reporters (From 1960 onwards), Supreme Court Reports (from 1950 onwards), and Labour & Industrial Cases (from 1981 onwards). It also has Standard law journals like, Journal of the Indian Law Institute (July 2003 onwards), Criminal Law Journal, Judgment Today, Current Central Legislation, Consumer Protection Judgements, Indian Bar Review, etc. are being subscribed regularly in the library for enrichment of the knowledge of the students.

The library has a vast collection of volumes covering a wide range of subjects other than Law like History, Political Science, Economics, Sociology, Hindi and English. In addition, it has also acquired standard text books and reference books related to Civil Laws, Commercial Law, Personal Laws, Labour Laws, Law of Torts, Human Rights, Criminal Laws, Jurisprudence, Consumer Laws, International Law, Intellectual Property Law, Environmental Law, Cyber Law, Information Technology Law, Arbitration Law, etc. Library also subscribes most of the leading National Dailies and press clippings related to Legal News, Editorials, Case Comments & other matters related to legal development or national importance are well maintained in the library.

All the housekeeping activities are automated. For the convenience of the readers, photocopying and internet facility have also been provided in the library premises. Students benefit from privileges of home- lending, book bank and distribution of study material.

Indexing of Articles: Library is indexing articles from Legal periodicals since 2008 onwards.