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Faculty Development Programme

“Who dares to teach must never cease to learn.” ~~ John Colton Dana

As a holistically run organization, the B.S.A.E.I. support its faculty in maintaining their edge. The Management is always enthusiastic to encourage, extend financial help and support the faculty of all the Institutes, who are interested in adding to their qualifications along with their teaching assignments. The objective behind Faculty Development Programme is to develop faculty competence to meet the challenges of rapidly changing technological environment.

Under the faculty development programme, our four scholarly faculty have completed their Ph.D. programme and have been awarded degree of Master of Philosophy during the session 2011-2012. Mr. Pawan Bhadana, Ms. Jyoti Abhay and Ms. Kusum Saluja have submitted their Ph.D. thesis in Computer Science Engg., Mathematics and Computer Science respectively and are likely to be awarded the degree in near future. Three of our faculty members are at advance stage to submit their Ph.D. thesis and three more faculties are also pursuing their Ph.D. programme in their respective fields.

So far as M.Tech. Programme is concerned; our ten faculty members have passed their M.Tech. Programme during the session 2010-2011 and twenty faculties are likely to complete their M.Tech. programmes by the end of July 2012. One of the faculties in MBA department has qualified NET & JRF examination and is likely to be enrolled for Ph.D. programme in Management at M.D. University, Rohtak. All these faculty members have been duly sponsored by the Institute.


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  • In the series of Faculty Development programme, a 5 days’ workshop “Wipro Mission 10X” was conducted by Wipro at our campus in September, 2011 exclusively for the faculty of our Institute to improve the teaching methodology. Our faculty Srishtti Gulati, Pridhi Arora, Neha Sharma, Rashmi Sehrawat, Ms. Prerna and Vinod Jain were certified by Wipro.
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